ICE 2023
"16th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles for Sustainable Transport”
from September 10th to September 14th, 2023
Island of Capri, Naples, Italy.

ICE2023 is organized by SAENA (Italian SAE section) in cooperation with CAR-OSU (Center for Automotive Research of the Ohio State University) and with STEMS (Institute of Science and Technology in Energy and Sustainable Mobility - Naples,Italy).

Prospective authors are invited to submit abstracts of 300 words or less for review by the General Committee. Abstracts will be submitted on-line and managed by the SAE International.

Upon submission, the paper tracking number will be sent by email.
Paper acceptance will be based on organizer moderated peer-reviews of review-ready manuscript.
Authors should prepare their papers according to SAE International format.

For additional information, please contact ICE2023 Secretary by Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.and/or visit SAENA website and/or visit ICE2023 website


Abstracts due to SAE:: April 14th , 2023
Draft Manuscript due to organizers:: May 15th , 2023
Final Manuscript due to SAE:: July 2nd , 2023


ICE100 Powertrain System Modeling & Controls

  • 0-D and 1-D Modeling and Numerics
  • Multi-Dimensional Engine Modeling
  • Combustion and Flow Diagnostics
  • Engine Management and Control

ICE200 Engine Combustion

  • Combustion In Spark Ignition Engines Basic, alternative fuels & Abnormal Combustion
  • Combustion in CI Engines: Basic & alternative fuel
  • Homogenous Charge Partially, Premixed Compression Ignition & Dual-Fueled Engines
  • Combustion in Hydrogen Fueled Engines

ICE300 Fuels and Lubricant Technologies

  • Fuel Injection and Sprays
  • Alternative and Advanced Fuels
  • Automotive Lubricants

ICE400 Mobile Emissions

  • Exhaust Emission Control: Systems New Developments and modeling
  • Emissions Measurement and Testing
  • PM Non-Exhaust emissions
  • Emissions from Combustion Sources

ICE500 New Engines, Components, Actuators, & Sensors

  • CI & SI Engines Technology
  • Thermal Systems Management
  • Thermal Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • Alternative Engine Architectures High Efficiency Engines Concepts

ICE600 Advanced Mobility: Hybrid and Electric Powertrains, and Eco-CAV

  • Advanced Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrains
  • Controls for Hybrids and Electric Powertrains
  • Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications
  • Range Extending Engines
  • Battery and Energy Storage Systems for Electric Mobility
  • Powertrain Adaptation for Connectivity and Automation
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Physical, virtual and mixed test methods for efficient powertrain concepts
  • Smart Energy Systems

CONFERENCE CHAIRS Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni (CAR-OSU) & Dr. Bianca M. Vaglieco (STEMS)

CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS Dr. Eng. Silvana Di Iorio & Dr. Eng. Ezio Mancaruso (STEMS | SAENA)

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